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American Influencer Award

This 7-pound, 13¾-inch custom-designed presentation is a one-of-a-kind, specially hand-crafted award created to honor the greatest contributors and top talent in beauty across social media. This piece of art was crafted specifically to reflect and represent the multi-faceted and distinctive nature of each awardee through an innovative synthesis of zinc, steel and aluminum, to stand the test of time as a symbol of this moment of achievement. The metallic award is highlighted with rich pink embellished accents, showcasing its unique angled features and the American Influencer Awards logo.

“We were looking for something distinctive, exemplifying the sheer essence of the influencer community. Its sleek edges and vivid coloring are reflective in the uniquely shaped mirror, symbolizing excellence and courage to positively influence. We are proud to collaborate with MTM Recognition as our awards provider.”

– Christopher Crellin, CEO & Founder, American Influencer Association
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