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Service Awards

Milestones Matter

Career milestones play a vital part of the employee experience. They are excellent opportunities for an organization to recognize an employee’s achievements, accomplishments and anniversaries.

Our Philosophy regarding employee engagement is to create a win-win-win outcome. For the employee, a win is defined by a memorable recognition experience as well as feeling that their contributions to the organization are appreciated. For the Manager/Supervisor, a win is having timely notifications of upcoming milestones, training tools and easy presentation tools to make an effective presentation. For the organization, a win is higher levels of employee satisfaction, tenure and employee engagement.

Service Awards are one of the many ways to improve employee experience by using workspace recognition. Online ordering makes it even more effective.

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Studies are starting to show that more engagement at the beginning of an employee’s tenure leads to better long-term retention and productivity. Things like onboarding kits can be folded in with recognition efforts to give new hires a more lasting first impression.
Engaged Employees = Happy Employees
Presentation materials that are
cost effective, yet still personalized to each employee.
Service Awards
Programs consisting of brand name
items selected to suit your organization's culture.
Programs consisting of
brand name items selected
to suit your
organization's culture.
service award
Recognition programs aim to increase retention or decrease employee turnover.


of recognition awards are presented to employees one-on-one with a manager


are presented at a special event, like a banquet or luncheon.

85% of HR professionals

report that their service anniversary program

has a positive impact on business results.

Source: SHRM Survey Findings: Employee Recognition Programs 2015

Onboarding is the first step

Give them something to remember the day they joined your team. The employee onboarding experience is a way to introduce new hires to your company’s values, culture, and people. Onboarding through recognition, training and socialization gives your new hires the opportunity to learn the lay of the land – feel comfortable in their new role, understand how this role impacts the business and learn what type of behaviors are expected from them.
Employee Service Awards

Check out our Onboarding Checklist.

Retirement is like the grande finale

Celebrate the career they have made with your organization. Your retiree will leave with warm feelings and a memorable keepsake that will remind them of fond memories, the difference they made and the relationships that they created while working at your company.

Retirement is like the grande finale.

Celebrate the career they have made with your organization.
Service awards

Shape your workplace culture

Foster a sense of belonging in your employees by connecting your employee’s everyday efforts, contributions and length of service with a custom award.
Service Awards

Let us create a custom service award based on your brand.

Service Awards
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