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Rings and Jewelry

Our Design Capabilities Are Unmatched

Our every element – from the precious metals to the brilliant gems to the finely-crafted ticking hands of the watch – is designed to perfection by our skilled craftsmen. We assure you that the utmost care is taken to ensure that each person wears their new gift with pride.


Being a champion. It’s every athlete’s goal and dream. Even professionals, with all their riches and celebrity, crave the elusive “ring” more than anything else. Why? Because it wear the ring is to show the world “I am a champion!”

Custom rings and jewelry are the ultimate symbol of success. And the only way to get one is to earn it. To prove yourself in competition. To prove you’re one of the best.


Suit the on-the-go lifestyle by awarding them with a gift of remembrance they can take with them off the playing field.

These timepieces make excellent gift items to complement any achievement. They are a symbol of remembrance and affiliation cherished for years to come.

Bears Championship Case Study

In 2010, The Hershey Bears hockey team fought all season for that coveted Calder Cup championship trophy. The trophy sits proudly displayed in their locker room, but we wanted to make sure they had something they could carry with them to remind them of their epic win.

For more information on what custom rings and jewelry we can create for you contact us!
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