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About Us

We Create Exceptional Awards and Recognition Solutions

Through the years, we have produced many memorable products, including symbolic jewelry lines for numerous Fortune 100 corporations, some of the most recognizable awards in the world of sports, heroic bronze statues finding their place in history on college campuses and sports facilities, and comprehensive recognition solutions for corporations across the nation and beyond.



September 15, 2019

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Our Story

In 1971, a coach and educator founded an awards company in Oklahoma City, OK. Fast forward to the present. MTM Recognition is now the most comprehensive recognition solutions provider in the nation. It started with a dream, hard work and ingenuity and has become the leader in U.S. manufacturing of recognition awards as well as a recognition solutions provider.


Dedicating most of their careers in the support of the employee recognition business, our leadership team provides the support and guidance to bring new products and services to our clients.

David Smith, Sr.

Founder and
Chairman of the Board

David Smith, Jr.


Roger Mashore

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Landes

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Ketcherside

Vice President
Business Development

Darrel Davis

Vice President

Guy Manley

Vice President

Monica Finley

Vice President

Ashley Hurney


Jeremy Yeargain

Customer Care

Michael Crawford

Global Distribution

Bob Thomas

Vice President

Scott Hankins

IT Manager

Tom Tester

Production Manager

Environmental Responsibility

We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future.

  • Testing of all component materials
  • Require vendors to provide certification of materials
  • Recycle and use recycled materials where possible
  • Reduce print waste by using on-demand printing
  • Encouraging online recognition solutions.

The people who make it happen

The success of our company isn’t only rooted in our state-of-the-art facilities or innovative technology, it’s driven by the most important part of MTM, our people.

Our team is multifaceted — from experienced recognition specialists and skillful artisans, to creatives and tech wizards — each brings a tremendous commitment to delivery of quality and value.

99.5% of the visitors to MTM’s facility say “ I had no idea.”

They can’t believe all of the design and manufacturing that occurs in one place.

Come take a tour of our facility, we love having guests!

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