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Employee recognition tangible gifts vs. cash

Why Choose Tangible Gifts Over Cash?

Written By: Recognition Consultant Carl Bonura Overall, research has shown that people respond more positively to and are more motivated by…

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MTM Earns Achievement Excellence Award from Oklahoma Quality Award Foundation

  MTM Recognition received the Oklahoma Quality Award for Achievement of Excellence at the recent Oklahoma Quality Award Foundation’s 6th Annual…

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Holiday Employee Appreciation Ideas

Unique Ways to Say Thanks During the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time of year at home and the office. It’s also the time of year where…

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MTM Graphic Design Awards

MTM Recognition Excels in Design

Recently MTM’s in-house design team received seven American Graphic Design Awards for design and communication excellence. This annual peer-juried national…

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office Halloween party ideas

Celebration Ideas for your Office Halloween Party

Did you know that over 64% of Americans celebrate Halloween each year? Research shows that celebrating holidays like Halloween at…

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MTM website preview

MTM Recognition New Website: A Behind the Scenes Look

  MTM Recognition is a pioneer in the recognition industry, dating back to its inception in 1971.  With over 45…

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Corporate Wellness Programs

Increasing Engagement in Corporate Wellness Programs

Employee wellness is at the forefront of helping to reduce costs and increase employee morale. Below are a few reasons…

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6 Women Heroes Shaping the World of HR Technology

We’ve been serving the HR community for many years and during this time we can’t help but be inspired by…

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Inspirational Music Increases Workplace Morale

What do you do when you’re having a bad day to help cheer you up? Some people go outside and…

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Taking Steps to Prevent Data Leaks with your Recognition Provider

  Recently, there was a costly and dangerous data mistake made by Equifax where several Americans have been left vulnerable…

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Recognition Culture

Recognition Cultures Drive Performance

July 18, 2017 Written by: Recognition Strategist Carl Bonura   Companies that create cultures of recognition have financial performance superior…

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Simple Ideas to Keep your Recognition Program Fresh

How long has it been since you’ve assessed how your recognition program is doing? Whether it was last quarter or…

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