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About Us

We Create Exceptional Awards and Recognition Solutions

Through the years, we have produced many memorable products, including symbolic jewelry lines for numerous Fortune 100 corporations, some of the most recognizable awards in the world of sports, heroic bronze statues finding their place in history on college campuses and sports facilities, and comprehensive recognition solutions for corporations across the nation and beyond.

Press Release

American Influencer Awards Selects MTM Recognition as Awards Provider

Top influencers in the beauty industry now have a beautiful award to represent their talents. Earlier this month, American Influencer Award winners took home a one-of-a-kind award hand-crafted by Oklahoma-based MTM Recognition, an industry leader in custom award design and manufacturing.

“We were excited for the opportunity to work on such a prestigious and challenging design. It was a privilege to work collaboratively with our highly skilled design and engineering teams to develop something both symbolic and innovatively iconic,” said Jeff Weis, MTM Recognition’s Creative Director.

The 2019 award featured a brand new, completely customized design tailored to represent the beauty industry. The award, standing more than 13 inches tall and weighing 7 pounds, honors the greatest contributors and top talent in beauty across social media. Crafted specifically to reflect and represent the multi-faceted and distinctive nature of each honoree, these beautiful works of art are made through an innovative synthesis of zinc, steel, and aluminum, to stand the test of time as a symbol of beauty and achievement. The award is highlighted with rich pink embellished accents and mirroring, showcase its unique, angled features along with the American Influencer Awards logo.

“The original concept sketches were focused on capturing the essence of what AIA was about so it needed to be colorful and vibrant, high tech and forward-thinking. We used several different manufacturing processes and it all came together in this uniquely beautiful award. We’re proud this was made in the USA.”

American Influencer Awards are given annually in the categories of hair, makeup, and lifestyle. Winners are selected through a public online voting process at, paired with votes from the advisory board. The star-studded event took place November 18, 2019 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California.

“We were looking for something distinctive, exemplifying the sheer essence of the influencer community. It’s sleek edges, and vivid coloring are reflective in the uniquely shaped mirror, symbolizing excellence and courage to positively influence. We are proud to collaborate with MTM Recognition as our awards provider,” said Christopher Crellin, CEO & Founder – AMERICAN INFLUENCER ASSOCIATION.

MTM Recognition is an industry leader in custom award design and manufacturing along with employee recognition platforms and web applications. These awards and solutions are used to celebrate achievement, reward performance, honor service, brand and reinforce company culture for thousands of organizations across the globe. MTM offers modern, comprehensive, meaningful, recognition solutions for organizations of all sizes. For more information visit

MTM Recognition Announces Strategic Alliance with Purpose & Performance Group


MTM Recognition, an industry leader in the employee recognition and engagement experience, today announced a new strategic alliance with Purpose & Performance Group (PPG) – a research and data driven firm focused on helping organizations build exceptional leaders and engaging, meaningful work cultures. This relationship leverages the strengths of MTM’s employee recognition solutions and amplifies it with PPG’s data and science behind employee recognition, engagement and meaningful work.

“MTM and PPG fit together seamlessly. This alliance allows both organizations to serve clients even better while still focusing on our core competencies,” said MTM Recognition’s President, David Smith Jr. “ The relationship with PPG means MTM gets to bring a more meaningful approach to employee recognition which aligns with our ultimate goal of lifting the human spirit.”

The direct connection between PPG’s analytical research into creating data driven engagement plans and MTM’s ability to carry out those plans with platforms/applications is powerful. This means the customer gets a more well rounded experience ensuring their recognition program is impactful and effective and it allows HR professionals to spend their valuable time on other important functions of their business.

“By combining our expertise in the science of employee engagement, people practices and leadership development with MTM’s world class execution of recognition products and services, we’re both better outfitted to address more areas of the employee experience. Most importantly, the values of the PPG and MTM team are strongly aligned. We are excited to be part of the team and eager to kickoff our efforts to make the world a better place” said Chris Province, Principal and Partner at PPG.

The alliance announcement offers a more holistic and innovative approach to employee recognition, and purpose-driven thought leadership in the industry.

MTM Recognition is an industry leader in employee recognition platforms and web applications. These solutions are used to celebrate achievement, reward performance, honor service, brand and reinforce company culture for thousands of organizations across the globe. MTM offers modern, comprehensive, meaningful, recognition solutions for organizations of all sizes.

MTM Recognition Named in HRO Today Baker’s Dozen List of Top Employee Recognition Providers – AUGUST 22, 2019
MTM Recognition, an industry leader in the employee recognition and engagement experience, today announced it has again earned a spot on HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen of Employee Recognition Providers. This marks the seventh time MTM has been named to this list.

The leading HR publication’s report is based on client feedback concerning the breadth, scope and scale of recognition services. Satisfaction and quality are also key components in the coveted list. MTM scored equally well in all areas of evaluation.

“We are extremely proud of the talent within our workforce and their dedication to customer satisfaction and quality product offerings. On behalf of all of us at MTM Recognition, we are pleased and honored to be recognized once again by our clients, and to be named to the 2019 HRO Today Baker’s Dozen of Employee Recognition,” said Roger Mashore, CEO of MTM Recognition.

This list serves as a paradigm for employee recognition providers and is well-respected in the industry. Additionally, the list serves as an immediate reflection of customer satisfaction, an important core value for the nearly 50-year-old company.

“The HRO Today’s ranking is an important assessment of how we compare to other rewards and recognition providers. For almost 50 years, MTM has been a leader helping lift the human spirit through best in class reward and recognition solutions,” said Mike Ketcherside, VP of Business Development at MTM Recognition.”We are honored again to be recognized by our clients as one of the top recognition providers in the industry.”

For a full list of rankings, visit

Our Story

In 1971, a coach and educator founded an awards company in Oklahoma City, OK. Fast forward to the present. MTM Recognition is now the most comprehensive recognition solutions provider in the nation. It started with a dream, hard work and ingenuity and has become the leader in U.S. manufacturing of recognition awards as well as a recognition solutions provider.


Dedicating most of their careers in the support of the employee recognition business, our leadership team provides the support and guidance to bring new products and services to our clients.

David Smith, Sr.

Founder and
Chairman of the Board

David Smith, Jr.


Roger Mashore

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Landes

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Ketcherside

Chief Sales Officer

Darrel Davis

Chief Operating Officer

Guy Manley

Vice President

Monica Finley

Vice President

Ashley Hurney


Jeremy Yeargain

Customer Care

Michael Crawford

Global Distribution

Tom Tester

Production Manager

Scott Hankins

IT Manager

Environmental Responsibility

We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future.

  • Testing of all component materials
  • Require vendors to provide certification of materials
  • Recycle and use recycled materials where possible
  • Reduce print waste by using on-demand printing
  • Encouraging online recognition solutions.

The people who make it happen

The success of our company isn’t only rooted in our state-of-the-art facilities or innovative technology, it’s driven by the most important part of MTM, our people.

Our team is multifaceted — from experienced recognition specialists and skillful artisans, to creatives and tech wizards — each brings a tremendous commitment to delivery of quality and value.

99.5% of the visitors to MTM’s facility say “ I had no idea.”

They can’t believe all of the design and manufacturing that occurs in one place.

Come take a tour of our facility, we love having guests!

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