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Stay Connected with Your Social Recognition Platform

MTM’s Social Recognition Platform (SRP) is a great tool for recognizing those around you for all of the great work that they do. We live in a world where customization options are standard. MTM’s SRP offers your workforce endless customization options to make sure our program fits your organization’s complex and unique needs. Check out some of our favorite features below.


Customization for Different Recognition Moments: Choosing a Badge or an Ecard

One of the many great features that MTM’s SRP offers is the ability to personalize all of the recognition that you send, whether it be through a badge (public recognition) or an ecard (private recognition). Choosing a badge allows for a seamless recognition experience on the newsfeed, recognizing your recipient for the good work they’ve done in a more public fashion. On the other hand, ecards go straight to a user’s email and do not enter the social newsfeed. Choosing an ecard can be a better option for employees who want to thank a colleague for going above and beyond, but without the publicity.


Customization for Busy Managers: Printing Certificates Straight From the Site

When a manager sends a recognition badge, they have the option to “print” a personalized certificate that can be given to the recipient in an award ceremony or a private meeting. This certificate has the recognition message that was typed out as well as a picture of the badge and a description of its meaning. Using the reporting feature in SRP, managers can also print out a certificate for any recognition that was sent to one of their direct reports. This prevents managers from being limited to only celebrating the recognition that they created.


Customization by Department: Filtering Using the Crowds

Not only can MTM’s social recognition platform allow you to print custom certificates, the site also allows users to stay in the loop through the “Custom Crowds” feature. Crowds are a breakdown of the hierarchy of your organization and they allow users to filter the recognition newsfeed. This allows your employees to make their recognition experience unique.

Users will not only have the option to filter their recognition with pre-determined crowds, but they will also be able to create their own custom crowds. Custom crowds are always exclusive to the individual who created them which means that users can add anyone to their crowd without notifying their peers. Managers can also use these custom crowds to recognize specific groups all at one time by simply checking the “Allow Recognition” box.

Customization for your Employee Experience: Using the Mobile App
If your job requires you and your peers to constantly be on the go or out in the field, then staying connected can be difficult. MTM’s SRP offers a fantastic solution to keep all employees connected in the form of a mobile app. The mobile app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and it allows employees to send recognition from anywhere at any time.

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