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2024 Appreciation Calendar

At MTM Recognition, we believe in Celebrating Champions and that “recognition lifts the human spirit”. Showing appreciation to your employees is vital for creating a culture of engagement, yet keeping track of the various events can be difficult.  If you start the year with the best intentions, but opportunities for recognition get forgotten as the months pass, you’re not alone! To help keep you on top of your game, we’ve created our 2024 Calendar of Appreciation. Each month features several employee recognition days and events.  Download our 2024 Recognition Calendar and read below for more tips on showing your employees some love! 

Recognition comes in many forms and sizes. We’ve listed out a few ideas below, but feel free to give each event your own spin! 

  • Highlight & plan for your most important recognition events. Employee Appreciation Day is one of the most important days of the year for recognizing your team – make sure you have a plan in place far in advance! If you still need some ideas, check out our blog post here. 
  • Encourage your people leaders to print out the 2024 Appreciation Calendar too. The majority of employees feel recognition from their supervisor is most important to their morale. Make sure your managers are on top of their recognition game! Encourage them to print out the calendar so they never miss a moment.
  • Celebrate your employees with a gift! Send a gift of social recognition points to each of your employees during their appreciation week. This goes a long distance to help those employees feel seen and recognized! For example, many clients choose to offer a physical point card to their Linemen during Linemen Appreciation Week, thanking them for the work they do year round! If a gift isn’t in your budget, make sure to utilize this calendar in creating next year’s appreciation budget. 
  • Recognize your teams with special thanks from your CEO. Recognition can be extra special when it’s coming from the CEO. Utilize your Social Recognition Platform to send a thank you from the CEO or another executive! 
  • Present high-quality awards in a banquet format to make your employees feel special! Meaningful & unique awards can make a lasting impact on your employees’ morale, especially when received by a leader. Take advantage of a special appreciation week to recognize those go frequently go above and beyond in each department!
  • Offer opportunities for your employees to recognize one another. For example, add a National Accounting Day ecard to your offering.  Then, encourage your employees to recognize their accounting team colleagues throughout the week!
  • Advertise what’s coming up next. Giving visibility to what recognition will happen in the following weeks gets your team prepped & ready to celebrate! 
  • Think outside of the box! While recognition should always include gratitude & respect, it can also have a unique spin of “fun” and “silly,” too! Check out our blog post Looking at Employee Appreciation Through a New Lens. 

Don’t forget to print out our 2024 Recognition Calendar to hang up near your desk this year. Have any tips to add to our list? Leave us a comment below or contact us for help with any of these special occasions.

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