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Partnering Social Recognition with Tangible Awards


Peaches & cream. Sonny & Cher. Rock & roll. Some things just go better together.

While MTM Recognition’s Social Recognition Platform is a comprehensive system by itself, combining it with another of MTM’s product offerings can help to seal in the recognition experience for your employees. The majority of MTM’s social recognition programs launched each year include an additional non-social recognition offering, such as a traditional service award choice program, a welcome kit, a company store, or something else entirely. The options are endless! Here is a brief overview of how these famous pairs come together to create an epic combo.

SRP & Service Awards

Utilizing a social recognition platform with a traditional service award site is a great way to ensure your employees have the best of both worlds. The service award platform allows awardees to redeem a service milestone gift of their choosing during their anniversary, while the tax benefits are passed on to you thanks to the smooth non-points transaction. To go a step beyond, including a social recognition platform with your service award program offers the option to enable Single Sign On (SSO) to redeem a service milestone gift. No need to remember (or communicate) a passcode to get into the site! Social recognition then piggybacks on the service award program by providing your people-leaders reminders of upcoming anniversaries, promoting upcoming anniversaries to the coworkers in the awardee’s department, and offering ecards for colleagues to send their well wishes.

SRP & Welcome Kits

First impressions are important. In fact, employees often make up their minds about an organization within the first day on the job! That’s why it is vital for you to make a positive impact with your new hires. Creating a welcome kit program is the perfect way for employees to be introduced to your organization. The new hire welcome kit may include logo’d gear, a few items for their first week, and a beautifully designed welcome point card. This point card then offers an overview of the company’s social recognition program, instructions on how to get logged in, and even gifts them a few points to get their account started. The welcome kit is a great way to make a big impact, and including the instructions to the recognition portal on a point card increases site engagement and usage for new employees!

SRP & a Company Store

If points are included in your social recognition platform, it’s possible the catalog may offer a variety of brandable gear.  While these products can be great for employees to utilize their points, creating a dedicated company store can open up a world of possibilities for employee gifts. Hosting a company store within SRP prevents the need for remembering passcodes thanks to Single Sign On (SSO), and encourages users to go shopping during their day-to-day badge sending. Additionally, your organization can offer vouchers to groups of new employees (think ‘$50 towards the company store catalog during a new hire’s first month at work’), coupon codes during the busy season, and so much more.

The possibilities don’t end here. A few other effective combinations are:

  • Safety plaques or watches combined with high-value point cards
  • Social recognition goodbye badges & ecards combined with a traditional retirement gift program
  • Annual banquet awards & badges to match the trophy design on the social recognition program
  • So much more!

Reach out to your recognition consultant for more details about adding a product offering to your existing social recognition program.

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