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What’s In and What’s Out: Employee Recognition

While employee recognition is always in style, certain trends come and go. Over the past year, we’ve noticed a trend towards including “bonus” features and add-ons, like fun ecards and seasonal trivia. We’re also seeing clients lean into the education of recognition and gratitude. But with advanced technology comes increased risk, so security is a must. Bad security practices and stagnant or outdated programs are becoming a thing of the past. As we enter 2023, check out what’s “in” and what’s “out” regarding best practices in employee recognition and engagement. 

In for 2023

Wellness programs
Employees can self-report their wellness efforts to earn rewards.

Fun & inclusive ecards
Make sure everyone feels seen with ecards celebrating a variety of life’s milestones.

Contests between departments
Inspire some friendly competition through contests to share the most gratitude.

Seasonal trivia
Keep your program fun and fresh by including trivia for seasons and holidays.

Recognition training for leaders
Knowing the “why” is an integral part of believing in the power of recognition.

Out for 2023

Infrequent Recognition
Aim for at least one to two recognition touchpoints each month.

Bad Security Practices
Utilize SSO, make passwords complex, and only share data securely via SFTP.

Limiting Recognition to Certain Groups
Recognition is for everyone, and shouldn’t be limited to certain groups. Find ways to include all employees in your program.

Stagnant Site Design
Make sure your platform is updated consistently to reflect your branding, seasonal changes, or new features available.

Skipping Training & Educational Resources
The stats are in – companies that include training/educational resources on why recognition is important are more likely to have high levels of engagement.


Are you noticing any other “ins” and “outs” of recognition at your organization? Drop us a comment below to let us know!

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