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Trending Products in Recognition Programs

Our world is constantly changing and developing, every time we turn around there is a new “must-have” product on the shelves. MTM Recognition is always working to be aware of these new products. We know which products are the most popular among consumers so that we can keep you informed of these trends as well as provide these items in our Social Recognition and Service Award programs. The following are the current most popular items that employees are selecting from our programs.

Air Fryers

Over the past couple of years, we have noticed a large demand for air fryers. Eating healthy is more popular now than ever before, and people want their healthy foods to taste great and air fryers are a great solution for that. We have a variety of different options for air fryers in our catalogs so we are certain to have options to suit everyone’s needs as well as your organization’s.

Outdoor Activities

Along with eating healthy, people are also beginning to develop more active lifestyles so we have seen a lot more redemptions for bikes. Since COVID many people have learned the value of being outside, even if it is just in the comforts of your own backyard. In order to make this new outdoor lifestyle more luxurious, many people have been redeeming for many outdoor items such as patio heaters and fire pits. Fire pits are great because they double as a source of heat and a source for s’mores.  

Smart Home Technology

People doing more to their homes is not limited to just the outdoors. We are seeing a major uptick in smart home technology and other electronics being requested. More and more people are also opting to get clocks to decorate their homes with. The younger generations really enjoy vintage items and nothing says vintage in the digital age like a clock.


While many people have taken an interest in making their homes a paradise, people have also discovered how great travel really is. After being stuck indoors for almost two years, people are now ready to get out and see the world. In order to see the world though, people need luggage. Our catalogs offer all kinds of luggage from the popular hard plastic to the soft fabric luggage.

Branded Items

Something that has never changed in popularity is the desire for branded items with a company’s logo such as a Kate Spade purse or a Tommy Hilfiger jacket. Our catalogs offer a wide variety of branded items so everyone can find a brand or item that fits their interest.

Trends with popular items are always changing and being aware of these changes is incredibly important so that you can always provide your employees with the latest and greatest awards.








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