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MTM Recognition Announces Expanded Partnership with AAA

MTM Recognition is proud to announce its expanded partnership with AAA Travel. AAA is known for its quality of service and care which makes them an excellent company to partner with. We’re grateful to be able to recognize the hard-working men and women of AAA going forward. This partnership works with AAA is specifically for custom plaques in hotels, which ensures that they are of only the highest quality. With one of these plaques in the lobby, you can rest easy knowing you’re at a quality location and you will only be having the best experience.

Director of Customer Experience, Jeremy Yeargain, had this to say about the partnership and the level of quality AAA displays, “AAA’s high standards for cleanliness and excellent condition have long been a foundation of their Diamonds program. They know that now more than ever, cleanliness is an important factor when you’re deciding where to stay, so they enhanced their hotel inspection process to give you even more assurance that every Diamond-designated hotel will meet or exceed your expectations.  AAA Diamond designations for hotels represent the overall quality, range of facilities and level of hospitality offered.”

Yeargain also offered his personal thoughts on the partnership, “I personally love the partnership.  Anytime I travel, I look for our plaques and awards.  I love to brag to the staff and my travel partners about working in partnership with such wonderful companies. For MTM, this partnership allows our products and branding to be displayed proudly in high-end hotels and resorts across the globe.”

There are different types of distinctions that hotels and resorts can receive from AAA. Four Diamonds means an upscale style and amenities with the right touch of service. This is a high-quality establishment that AAA does not hand out lightly. Five Diamonds entails a world-class luxury facility, amenities, and indulgence for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This distinction is wildly difficult to achieve and represents only the best. These locations will be marked with a plaque from AAA, made by MTM that showcases the distinction of that location.

MTM is honored to celebrate the champions of AAA.

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