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Celebrating 50 Years of MTM Recognition

2021 marks an incredible milestone for MTM Recognition. Fifty years of celebrating what makes people exceptional and crafting awards for the most special moments. As a company, we’ve come a long way from where we began, and every person that has been here over the years has played a significant role. 

It cannot be overstated how grateful we are for those who helped create the MTM Recognition that exists today. New businesses rise and fall every day, and it is with the cooperation of many and all of their brilliance and hard work that we stand here 50 years later looking toward an even brighter future.

Looking Back

MTM Recognition began in 1971 as Midwest Trophy, founded by coach and educator David Smith, Sr. His dream developed over time as MTM took steps to become a leader in manufacturing recognition awards and recognition solutions throughout the United States.

Adopting the latest technology to innovate on our recognition abilities allows us to set the tone for excellent work. Combined with our diverse workforce of recognition specialists, skillful artists, creative designers, and technology wizards, we have maintained a commitment to high-quality offerings and a true family at the workplace.

Where We are Now

Constantly innovating, we have continued to adapt to an ever-changing industry with tools such as our ACE Technology capabilities. As the business world has changed, our ability to create real recognition has gained variety. Carousel, our social recognition platform, has continued developing new innovations and tools to help coworkers recognize each other for every success and assist. 

We’ve also continued crafting incredible awards in the sports world and beyond. Whether title trophies for more than 15 college football bowl games, conference titles or fishing tournaments, we make sure the moment lasts forever. The same can be said for our corporate awards, as we continue to iterate on our designs so every milestone truly feels momentous.

Looking Forward

Fifty years is an undeniably spectacular feat, and it took hundreds of people from all backgrounds to create what MTM Recognition is today. Our history of innovation, creativity and hard work will continue into the coming years as we continue being a leader in real recognition. Thank you to our employees, recognition consultants, partners, and clients for believing in the power of recognition and helping us get to 50 years. Cheers to 50 more!

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  1. Congratulations MTM!!
    MTM is an outstanding company made up of leaders who treat employees as partners in the service to their customers. As a former recognition consultant with MTM I was proud of my company, its people and its products and services.
    I wish MTM continued growth and success in the recognition marketplace.
    Dennis Reilly

    Bob and I loved working for MTM for over 40 years. Best company ever! So many treasured friends and memories.
    Warmest regards,
    Connie Conklin

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