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Announcing MTM Recognition’s Virtual Showroom

MTM Recognition is launching a new way to check out the coolest awards in the world. The Virtual Showroom provides a way to step into MTM Recognition’s hall of incredible creations from anywhere.

Visitors to the Virtual Showroom are able to view numerous custom awards crafted by MTM Recognition, from a set of metallic winged pillars designed for Servpro to multitudes of trophies for some of the biggest games in college football. In addition to details and images, site visitors will be able to interact with the awards, rotating around to see all the intricate details put into these creations.

Utilizing this new opportunity, MTM Recognition hopes customers will be inspired by the incredible pieces available to view. Visitors can brainstorm and design awards while looking at the details of the towering Big 12 Conference award from nearly any angle. Whatever catches someone’s eye, MTM Recognition is capable of crafting something to bring their designs to life.


“The Virtual Showroom is our way to bring people to us from anywhere to see the exceptional work our teams create,” commented Mike Ketcherside, Chief Sales Officer at MTM Recognition. “Seeing these awards from angles you otherwise could not allows you to see details you might have never known existed.”

Moving forward MTM Recognition seeks to bring more awards and items to the Virtual Showroom. Future awards and some iconic designs already created will come to the Virtual Showroom, allowing more site visitors to find what inspires them to create their perfect piece.

Enjoy the experience!




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