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MTM’s Updated 2020 Trade Show Schedule

Trade shows have always been an MTM favorite – we love connecting with you and your teams!

While we’re sad to see so many of these fantastic events postponed or canceled due to the current public health crisis, we know this is the right decision. COVID-19 has changed day-to-day life for so many around the world. However, recognition continues to be an important factor in the workplace for essential workers protecting our front lines, new work-from-homers just learning the ropes, and everyone in between. Check out some of our great resources about Recognition during a Public Health Crisis, Working from Home Best Practices, and Reboarding after a Crisis.

Below is a round-up of new trade show dates for the 2020 season. We look forward to seeing you all again on the expo hall floor soon! Until that time, feel free to contact us for more information or follow us on social media.

July 26-27:    Texas Sheriffs’ Association Conference

August 10-13:  Oklahoma SHRM

August 11th: Memphis SHRM

August 18-20:   Oklahoma Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

August 24-15:   North TX SHRM

August 24-25:   Indiana SHRM

August 24-26:   Kentucky SHRM

August 25-26:   TX Police Chiefs Association

September 21-22:   Alabama SHRM

September 20-24:  Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police Conference

October 2-3:   OKC Memorial Marathon Health & Fitness Expo

October 4-7:   HR Southwest Conference

October 12-16:   Oklahoma Sheriffs Association

October 13-15:   Arkansas SHRM

October 14-16:   Michigan SHRM

October 23rd:   West Tennessee SHRM

November 1-4:   TN SHRM

Things change quickly, but we’ll keep you updated on our trade show schedule and look forward to seeing you soon!

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