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Social Employee Recognition Trends in 2020

Social Recognition. It’s one of the hottest buzzwords in the Human Resources arena as more and more organizations switch over to this modern and easy recognition solution. But social recognition is not new – rather, it’s growing and adapting with the times. MTM’s social platform, Carousel®, is one of the founding programs that developed this new wave, yet it continues to stay at the top in terms of modernization, ease of use, and client satisfaction. Here are some of the hottest features you may see trending this year in your modern recognition solution. 

Mobile-Friendly & Text Notifications

In today’s modern world, hardly any organizations have 100% of their workforce sitting at a desk. Thanks to a growing remote employee force, having a mobile recognition platform is vital. User-friendly apps, like the Carousel® app, provide a bridge between your employees no matter where they are or how big your workforce. And thanks to text notifications, your recognition program will be instantaneous, helping to reinforce those positive behaviors as soon as they take place.

Brandability & Customizable Options

Within the last ten years, there has been a major push towards higher quality and stricter branding standards for most organizations. In the early 2000s, having a set of official branding standards and guidelines were reserved for only the largest corporations. Today, we see nearly all organizations, no matter the size, possess a strict set of branding guidelines. MTM values that commitment to quality with a first-rate Branding Department because we know it is vital to protect a client’s branding in everything we do. 

Enhanced Catalogs Featuring Your Employees’ Favorite Gift Cards

Amazon, Visa, Walmart, and Target are just four of the increasingly popular gift cards that are a MUST when incorporating a new social recognition program with points. Thanks to the variety of products and brands available within those vendors, employees are requesting these cards to be present in every program. In addition, Digital Gift Cards (cards that can be instantly redeemed through an email address), are one of the hottest tickets. To ensure your employees get the most out of their recognition programs, a variety of gift cards are key to a complete gift catalog.

Borderless Badges

With modern design continuously changing, it’s important for your recognition platform to be sleek and professional to match your organization. Borderless badges & icons are a simple update that offers a clean and crisp look to your recognition program. 

Increased Reporting Functionality

As HR professionals, we are required to keep track of everything – monetary spending, employee data, community involvement, and the list goes on. Since managing recognition taxes can be tricky, and engagement is often used as a performance indicator, the tracking functionality is vital. Today’s social recognition isn’t complete without the most comprehensive and in-depth reporting available. 

In-country Fulfillments for Global Capabilities

While many vendors may offer a global solution to recognition needs, MTM offers In-Country fulfillment, meaning the catalog options listed are available within the employee’s country. This keeps shipping costs down for you and offers a wider selection of cool and culturally-appropriate options for your employees. 

Full-platform Integration

Long gone are the days of three different vendors with three separate recognition programs for your service, safety, and wellness. Cloud-based programs offer a comprehensive platform that can integrate any and all recognition programs onto one platform. Safety? You got it. Wellness? Of course! Community Service? Easy. Years of Service? Done. All programs are in one place, creating a sleek and complete recognition system for your employees. 


Since peer-to-peer recognition is critical to the employee experience, Social Recognition is the best way to keep your workforce engaged by creating and growing relationships between coworkers. And thanks to the nature of the program, it is always updating!  What are some of the social recognition trends you look forward to seeing in 2020? Drop us a comment or reach out to learn more about how Carousel® can fit perfectly within your organization. 


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