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National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Every January 9th, we honor the bravest and strongest in our communities on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

For over 40 years, MTM has provided recognition products for Law Enforcement teams all over the world. Thanks to a variety of technological capabilities, as well as an incredibly skilled staff of designers and sculptors, MTM supplies custom badges, awards, and symbolic gifts to honor our nation’s bravest citizens.

An Honor to Serve

One of our account managers, Eddie Mann, has had the privilege of serving as the recognition consultant and customer service agent to our law enforcement clients for over 30 years. He gave us insight into how MTM contributes to these agencies and what it means to him.

“Currently, we provide more uniform badges to our Law Enforcement customers than any other product. We have expanded our product line over the last decade to include many other uniform accessories such as nametags, collar brass, and lapel pins. When we take good care of an agency or individual, and they have a great experience with us – word spreads fast!”

He’s right – the word does spread fast. Currently, MTM supplies badges to over 300 different agencies around the United States.  Eddie shared a particularly inspiring story, reminding us of the importance of guaranteeing that our products are made with undeniable quality to fit the agents carrying them.

“We provide a large number of challenge coins to our law enforcement customers – we do new coins every week! An officer from an agency in the OKC area was involved in a shooting with a suspect. Ambushed during a traffic stop, he was hit multiple times and was very lucky to survive the encounter. I was told by his partner about a year later that one of the bullets hit his upper leg area. Because he had a challenge coin in his pocket (one of ours!), it deflected the trajectory away from his femoral artery – probably saving his life!”

The Woman Behind the Award

While deflecting bullets was not the original intention of the MTM Custom Challenge Coins, we knew it would be a meaningful piece for the officers carrying them.

MTM works with many amazing heroes, inspiring custom awards to honor their bravery. Katie Lawson is one such hero. As a member of the Oklahoma City Police Department, Katie was critically wounded multiple times when someone opened fire on her as she sat in her patrol vehicle. Thanks to her quick thinking, she was able to respond instantly, securing the area. Eddie recalled the story: “Lawson had the presence of mind to kick into her excellent training, calmly exiting the vehicle and neutralizing the situation.

A few months later we decided to create a female police officer sculpture to add to our product line. I contacted OCPD and asked if we could invite Officer Lawson in to pose for some photos in uniform. She was happy to oblige. Our sculptors then used the images to create the lifelike rendering. We were thrilled with the finished product. We invited Katie to come to MTM for an official presentation of the first finished sculpture– she was extremely honored by the event. This piece is now used all over the country to honor law enforcement officers.

Inspiring Awareness

In addition to custom awards, MTM creates a variety of inspiring badges to raise awareness for different causes. “Probably the most noteworthy is the pink badge – they are very cool. They have become quite a tradition during the month of October – officers wear the pink badges for Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s a great honor to provide these badges,” Eddie told us.

Commemorative badges also play an important role in many law enforcement agencies.

“We also do a commemorative badge for the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. The cherished pieces are worn during April by most local agencies. 2020 will mark the 25th anniversary of the bombing, and we’re finalizing very beautiful badges for this year.”


Grateful for our Role
While MTM specializes in custom awards and symbolic products, badges are still the core of our contribution to the bravest. “We produce thousands of pieces per month and ship all over the country. I meet new customers on a weekly basis.” It stays very busy around here!

As for Eddie, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I am so grateful for this particular role. Working with Law Enforcement personnel and all first responders is an honor. They all work in such a sacrificial capacity to keep our communities safe – it’s a privilege to be in a position where we can provide products and services that enhance their daily routines.”

Thank you to all of the Law Enforcement individuals out there who serve our community every single day, keeping us all safe!

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