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Top Five Employee Gift Ideas

And just like that, Autumn transitions to winter, bringing cooler weather and the busiest months of the year. With the holidays already upon us, it is no wonder that one of our most asked for blog topics is a gift guide. Navigating what is most appropriate and accessible for your organization can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Here is a list of the five most requested gifts for your employees that are sure to offer something special, no matter how big or small your workforce.

Extra Day of Paid Time Off (PTO)

Whether it’s company-wide on the day after a big holiday, or 8 hours for your employees to use at the time of their choosing, a day of PTO gives one of the most important gifts – time. The holidays can be so hectic, so why not offer your employees extra time to spend with their families or tackling some at-home projects they’ve been meaning to do? An extra day or two to take a breather during the Holidays always makes for a great gift.

Treat them to a Night Out

Two tickets to see their favorite basketball team play or the newest musical? That could be the winner of a night. Your employees will truly appreciate the enjoyable evening out, especially if they can bring a friend or family member. In addition, this is a holiday gift that really connects the positive memory to your organization. The memory of that beautiful dinner or awesome show will be followed by gratitude that their company provided that wonderful experience.

Social Recognition Points

We love incorporating holiday gifts into your social recognition program! Whether a badge or point cards, holiday gifts within an online program like Carousel®, can be stacked with other awards – helping to guarantee your employees can select an item that will be the perfect fit for them. MTM even offers complimentary branded designs and setup for a new custom holiday badge or point card!

Fine Wine or Sweet Treats

Food and drinks hit many checkboxes, including the ability to be shared with friends and family! The gift of a nice box of sweets or some new vino to sample will give your team a little extra something to enjoy at their next holiday party. Food/beverages are almost a fail-proof employee gift. Pro tip: make sure to consider if they have any food preferences or allergies before selecting the gift!

Make it Personal with a Shared Hobby

This one can be especially beneficial for supervisors and managers who have the responsibility and autonomy to order gifts for their direct reports. This allows your leaders the opportunity to not only give a gift but also to build upon a relationship with that person. Sharing a favorite book, giving a gift card to your favorite bike store to an employee who is also an avid cyclist, or buying some new paint supplies for a fellow artist in the office creates a sense of humanity and adds a personal touch. And since research shows that one of the top reasons employees leave an organization is due to a bad relationship with a supervisor, personally selecting an item will help to maintain a positive relationship.

What are some of your favorite gifts to receive or give to your coworkers? Drop a comment below to let us know!

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