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Step Up Your Safety Recognition

“The causes of tomorrows incidents exist today, so get out there and find them before they happen.”

– Jerrod Moser, CSP Director of Health and Safety at OGE

What are you doing to reward and recognize your safe workers?

Studies show there is a direct correlation between employee engagement and increased productivity, improved quality, health and wellness, increased profits, a safe work environment, and more! Getting everyone engaged and thinking about workplace safety creates a safer work environment- and it’s well worth making safety a priority.

On-the-spot recognition offers a points-based engagement solution through one platform. We call our platform Carousel and it’s very simple and very user-friendly for both management and employees, providing a way to recognize for safety performance or milestones. Some of those safety achievements can be:

  • Above and Beyond SafetySafety Recognition - June is National Safety Month
  • Annual Outstanding Driver, Associate, Crew, Facility, Supervisor Awards
  • Environmental Initiatives (lean and green)
  • Training Completion
  • Safety Certifications
  • Meeting OSHA standards
  • Accident Free Miles
  • Accident Free Man Hours
  • Work Safe Reminders
  • Safety Excellence
  • Injury Free Days

Most recognition programs or awards are given annually or every 6 months. Waiting 6 months to incentivize safety initiatives is too late. Safety recognition needs to be fast, frequent and fun in order to be effective.

Creating and managing a safety recognition program doesn’t have to be a lot of work and we’re here to help!

Call or Contact us today to set up a presentation featuring the latest and most effective technology to drive success in your company!

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