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MTM Recognition New Website: A Behind the Scenes Look


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MTM Recognition is a pioneer in the recognition industry, dating back to its inception in 1971.  With over 45 years in the industry, our customer service approach hasn’t changed much- “customer first” is still our mantra.  What has changed are the ways in which we interact with our customers and how they interact with their employees. With an ever-evolving recognition marketplace, comes new and innovative solutions. MTM’s new website is a reflection of those changes offering new, streamlined graphics and user-friendly functionality.

We sat down with Josh Owens, MTM’s lead designer to get a look at the goals of the site, understand the creative direction/planning of the site & what the site plans are for the future.

Meeting the needs of the HR community is our top priority as an employee recognition provider. The changes to our site reflect that in newer, more intuitive functionality.

The Script

The new site has been more than a year in the making and throughout that time the primary goal has stayed the same – to provide an all-encompassing resource for our customers while showcasing our recognition products and services from employee engagement to sales recognition tools.

The Plot- What does it mean to have the #BestDayEver?

Another goal for the new website was to tie in MTM’s #BestDayEver hashtag to help explain the importance of consistent recognition.

A big part of the thought process behind the new hashtag is that recognition is not a simple gift after 5 years or when someone retires. It’s not just any one thing, it’s frequent, daily recognition of some kind and it varies based on the occasion. From small thank you’s to large congratulatory moments, appreciation should always make the recipient feel like it is the best day ever. That’s how the hashtag and phrase came to have a home in our branding.

The Story Line: The Creative Process

As with any large-scale creative project, MTM’s new website has unfolded in phases, being formed piece-by-piece.

Our business and the diverse nature of the services we provide can be presented in many ways, as we have discovered over the years. The creative process for the site has been a little different than most other projects mainly because the scale and scope of it was so much larger. Creating a new face for your business is no easy task when your company is “wide by design” offering many solutions to many markets.

Best Scenes: The Creators Favs

My favorite thing about the new site is the look and feel of some of the new imagery. I tried to use images that showed the emotion created by the products we provide because recognition is only as effective as the emotion it creates. That happiness, that excitement, is what turns into motivation. Motivation then drives commitment and drive. It’s a powerful thing when done right and I think these new images show that.

Stay Tuned

While MTM’s Phase 1 has launched, we are excited to show you what is yet to come as we continue to add valuable content.   Our hope is that you use it as a resource to help make it the #bestdayever for you and your employees through our many recognition solutions.

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