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Celebration Ideas for your Office Halloween Party


Did you know that over 64% of Americans celebrate Halloween each year? Research shows that celebrating holidays like Halloween at work are linked to boosting employee engagement.

In fact, “Great Places to Work reported that creating a space to celebrate seasonal events, such as Halloween help to build stronger team camaraderie. The global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures cited 30 percent higher levels of employee collaboration, cooperation and willingness to give extra to get the job done at organizations with strong levels of camaraderie.”

Not to mention the fact that Halloween is a fun holiday to celebrate. There are several things you can do to engage & show appreciation to your employees on this Spooktacular holiday.

Employee Thank You Gifts for Halloween

As a recognition company, we believe you should take every opportunity to show employee appreciation and Halloween is no exception. Here are some fun ways to tell your employees “I appreciate you” this Halloween.

employee thank you gifts for halloween

Say it with Candy

Image: Pinterest

Take some Halloween candy and make one of these including a happy appreciation note like this.

Say it with a gift


Give them a practical gift they can use like a coffee cup or water bottle.

Say it with Donuts

 Image: Salt and Pepper Moms

Make this treat jar Halloween themed by changing the colors to orange & black. Who doesn’t love donuts?!

Say it with fruit

 Image: Lia Griffith

If you want to give a gift that is somewhat healthier, try giving them a caramel apple with this message.

Say it with healthy snacks

 Image: Pinterest

Treat your employees to a healthier snack.  Be sure to attach a special thank you message.

Office Halloween Party Ideas

What better way to include fun in your culture than to throw an office Halloween party. “According to a Glassdoor survey, some of the greatest benefits of employer-hosted events like a Halloween party are the opportunities they provide to boost morale (59%), support team building (50%) and build company culture (40%). Also, 49% of employees also see work events as a chance to connect with employees in different departments, and 43 % say it helps connect people across various levels. And of course, most employees (61 %) also say that they appreciate the chance to take a break from work.”

Prepare some eerie themed foods & drinks

Image: Cianne Mitchell Photography

Take some Clementine’s and turn them into a pumpkin. They’re healthy and are right in line with the holiday spirit. If you’re going to have a potluck, here are some other good Halloween food ideas.

Image: Country Living

Whip up an office-friendly ghoulish punch. You could also get Halloween themed straws to go with it. If it’s cold outside, you could make some hot apple cider to make for a cozy Fall drink.

office Halloween decorations & costume ideas

Add some spooky Halloween décor throughout the office

Image: Pinterest

An inexpensive way to do this is to try wrapping your doors with streamers. You could also get orange and black balloons and place them all over the office.

Have a creative costume contest and present fun awards

Image: Pinterest

You could even do a friendly competition between departments or teams to promote collaboration and increase comradery between co-workers.

Provide volunteer opportunities to give back

Use Halloween as a day to give back. Arrange an opportunity for your employees to go volunteer to do a trick or treat for children at a local school.

Bring in the family for ghoulishly good time

Encourage your team to bring their families and friends to a special Halloween event. You could do a pumpkin carving night, where employees would bring their kids. To show you value work-life balance and as a token of appreciation, it’s a good idea to let your employees leave early on Halloween to give them enough time to get the kids ready for trick or treating or attend other Halloween parties.

scavenger hunt & Halloween playlist

Make a ghostly game out of it

Co-workers could go trick or treating around the office, or they could do a scavenger hunt where the clues would be in specific departments to get everyone to engage with other team members they may not see otherwise.

Break out the creepy tunes

There’s nothing like listening to some holiday tunes to get you and your team in the Halloween spirit. You can play this Halloween office playlist during your festivities or send it out in an email for your employees to listen to on their own.

If you’re looking for more ideas how to better engage & recognize your employees sign up for our monthly email newsletter or follow our blog. We wish you a Happy Halloween!

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