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Utility Company Shines Light on Recognition

Many HR managers struggle to find a recognition strategy that will fit their organization’s needs. Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) Florida’s leading community-owned facility was one of these companies.

The Challenge

Because half of their employees were in the office in front of a computer and the other half were out in the field, JEA was looking for a recognition solution that could unite the company and be easily accessible from anywhere.

JEA's PRIDE Program on a laptop screen

The Solution- Social Recognition

JEA started using Carousel MTM’s social recognition platform because it provided a customizable unique way to recognize & reward their employees.

JEA liked that they could personalize their recognition program to fit their company culture. They decided to call their program P.R.I.D.E (People Recognized in Delivering Excellence)

Jamie, JEA’s P.R.I.D.E Administrator says the program worked well for their organization because it was “non-restrictive in what we could add to the Carousel platform.”

The Results

JEA discovered the many benefits of using peer to peer recognition using Carousel a social recognition platform developed by MTM Recognition.

Before starting the P.R.I.D.E program they noticed is that their recognition efforts were not consistent. Many of the small, day-to-day moments and actions were going unnoticed & unthanked.

JEA’s P.R.I.D.E program has helped to create a recognition culture throughout their organization. To date- over 30,000 recognitions have been sent and more than 390 gifts have been redeemed.  

JEA wellness program

After using Carousel for some time, JEA decided that they needed to switch their wellness platform because they liked that Carousel was able to load points much faster than their previous platform. Through Carousel, JEA was able to create custom wellness badges. Now not only are they are able to celebrate actions that help fellow employees but also congratulate employees on making healthy lifestyle changes.


JEA Managers Love P.R.I.D.E

“The P.R.I.D.E program gives me a means to show appreciation and express gratitude for a job well-done, and the program also aids management as an employee motivational tool.  Many have a catalog gift selected and enjoy watching their account balances grow.  The E-Cards are also an easy and convenient way to let someone know you are thinking of them.”

Steve, Mgr, NGS

“I enjoy giving out P.R.I.D.E points.  The system is user-friendly and the catalog has a large variety of options to redeem points.  I like the ability to give points to other departments and being able to give general recognition to groups of personnel.  Employees seem more upbeat now that they could potentially receive P.R.I.D.E points for going above and beyond, being helpful.”

Kristin, Mgr, Combustion Turbines Ops & Maint

JEA point cards

The ROI of Social Recognition

SHRM reports 41% of companies that use peer-to-peer recognition have seen marked positive increases in customer satisfaction. And Peer-to-peer is 35.7% more likely to have a positive impact on financial results than manager-only recognition.

Social recognition may be the answer to the challenges you’re facing right now in your recognition program.

If you have questions or want more guidance from recognition experts, we’d love to chat with you.

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