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Helpful Hints for Successful Employee Recognition in 2017



The New Year brings a fresh outlook, new goals, and a renewed spirit. While we are resolving to lose those holiday pounds or start reading more, it’s important to not forget about making fresh work goals as well. MTM’s Carousel is a social recognition platform that offers tons of great options for recognizing and appreciating those in your workplace, but here are a few new ideas to revamp your site!


Utilize the home page widgets to add company pictures and embed videos

  • Keep your home page fresh and keep employees checking into the site by adding some fun to the home page! Try posting a few pictures from the company event last week, or highlight a particular employee/team on the homepage for added recognition!

Sponsor a local school or non-profit and create custom badges for donations and volunteering 

  • Badges are quick and easy to create so why not create a few fun badges to promote participation and donations? Raise money for your local elementary school by participating in the bake sale fundraiser and earn the cookie badge. Or possibly volunteer at your local animal shelter and receive a cute kitten badge!

Build a custom page embedded with surveys to conduct your own employee research


  • Create a survey to get a quick estimate of how many people are staying on campus for lunch or even use it as a communication tool for suggestions! Surveys can be changed as often as needed to gather feedback on various subjects.

Create a custom page of one fun holiday each month & create badges for participating

  • For a great way to spark work participation and have some fun pictures to show for it, create a list of non-traditional (and fun) holidays – like National Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17th)! Take pictures and give out badges on Carousel for the participants. Having fun in the workplace helps boost morale which creates a culture people want to show up for!

Create a Wellness program to help your employees achieve their New Year’s goals

  • Adding a wellness program to Carousel is fun and easy! Inspire participation by having employees send in ideas for what goals they would like to see on the badges and vote on which fun new badge to use for each goal. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day? Increasing your daily steps by 50%? Make some new badges to help your employees stay on track to being a healthier version of themselves. Add points to badges your organization really wants to drive results on, i.e.: yearly checkups or dental cleanings.

If you are interested in implementing one of these ideas for your Carousel program and would like assistance, contact us. We’re here to help!

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