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Social Employee Recognition: 3 Important Features

Author: Katelyn Cheatwood

blog-capturePublic & Instantaneous Newsfeed


A friendly thank you to a coworker is always welcome and appreciated, but a thank you that is displayed for the whole company to see carries much more weight. Most companies (about 80% in fact) have a yearly awards banquet, publicly announcing award winners. While an awards banquet is a great way to bring all employees together, that recognition can fade within a few days or weeks. On Carousel, you are able to see up-to-date recognition, company wide or just within your team. Every day employees can read about the helpful and productive acts of coworkers around the office, as they are happening! Not only does this increase employee morale and engagement, but it drives productivity. There is significant power in a positive newsfeed! 

Customizable Badges and Images


Ublog-3tilizing Carousel allows employees to put a name to a face when viewing the live recognition newsfeed. Not only can you see a coworker’s name, but you are able to see his/her profile picture, giving the site a more personal touch. The fun and customized badges also add a unique touch to recognition. It’s fun to see the growing collection of coordinating badges in your team’s trophy cases. Tying the color scheme and badge style into your company logo and colors also helps tie recognition to my company, reinforcing those special company values. Employees will appreciate working at a company where so many good deeds are performed and recognized!


Easy to Recognize


Carousel allows employees to recognize a coworker quickly and easily. Upon logging in, there are three different areas a user can click that will take you to a screen where you can thank a coworker in less than 30 seconds. Not only does this help employees  practice gratitude, but this recognition lives on in the company-wide newsfeed and in my coworker’s virtual trophy case. The simple process, complete with prompt boxes and auto-fill in functions, allows employees of varying computer savviness to enjoy recognizing coworkers and friends.



If you want to know more about Carousel, MTM’s social employee recognition platform, contact us.

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