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Rewarding Teachers for a Job Well Done


Teachers work hard and research shows that unfortunately they don’t get recognized as they should.

In fact, Gallup’s recent study surveyed more than 25 million employees from around the globe, with over 10,000 of them being educators. In the survey, they asked what helps them be engaged at work. On this survey K-12 teachers rated one item lower than any other on the survey: “In the last seven days, I have received recognition or praise for doing good work.” Only 29% of the educators who were surveyed said they could strongly agree with the above statement.

The Impact of a Teacher

Recognizing Teachers Infographic


Many teachers don’t choose their professions based on salary but because they want to serve the future leaders of tomorrow. The hard work that these teachers put in is not in vain, and much of it yields positive results for the districts they work in.

This graphic gives a glimpse of how hard teachers work and just touches the iceberg as to the positive impact that their work efforts bring to society.


Teacher Appreciation Gifts from Administrators

What do you do to recognize the teachers at your school?

Once a year, we celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week but being intentional to thank your staff more than once a year will pay off in the long run. The facts show that the more an employee feels valued and engaged at work, the longer they will stay at their jobs.

An article from the Houston Chronicle discussing ways to reward teachers recently said:

“Public recognition of hard work and accomplishments goes a long way in motivating teachers to keep up the hard work. By complimenting them in front of their peers, administrators help teachers gain a feeling of appreciation and gratitude. Certificates or awards may be given for classroom accomplishments or for simply going the extra mile.”

6 Ways to Reward & Recognize Teachers Throughout the Year

Gifts for teachers

  • Provide them with an assigned parking spot
  • Reward them with extra time off work
  • Allow for the occasional casual dress Friday
  • Create a sense of community at your school by providing a place for staff to give social recognition and feedback to one another celebrating their accomplishments
  • Organize paid staff outings and lunches to increase bonding between co-workers
  • Present a unique teacher of year award that they can display proudly in their classrooms

If you have any questions or want to know more about how to help increase your faculty’s engagement, we’d love to chat with you. Be sure to follow our blog to find other tips and helpful employee recognition resources. We wish you and your staff a great school year!

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