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9 Ways Technology Improves Employee Engagement

Every good organization knows the value of recognition – they’ve studied all the research, know the theories, but most importantly have seen the results themselves from their own recognition efforts.

Here at MTM, the key to our successful employee engagement tactic centers around the technology implemented into our recognition platform. To achieve the results you want and need for your organization to flourish, you must realize the great priority of a social recognition platform. Our software ranges from cloud-based employee engagement and performance platforms to real-time resource tracking. Many of our applications use predictive intelligence and are built using cutting-edge user interfaces.

Carousel is the ultimate multi-generational social recognition system in which points can immediately be rewarded via peer-to-peer, e-cards, data loads and more!

Nine reasons why social employee engagement gets results:

  1. It’s Global.
    Brand and promote a culture of recognition based on your mission and core values within your entire organization.
  2. It’s Local.
    Focus on recognition programs and budget specific to location, department, function or group.
  3. It’s Social.
    Publicly share, comment and like recognition events within your company and determine the right amount of social media interaction. Recognition is no longer “hidden”. Why not share all the awesomeness happening at your company?
  4. It’s Flexible.
    Motivate and recognize sideways, up and down, manager to employee, peer to peer – with or without approval controls.
  5. It’s Perpetual.
    A fast, frequent and fun badge-trophy solution motivates and engages so what gets recognized, gets repeated. Seeing a newsfeed of recognition events keeps those desired behaviors top of mind. Appreciation breeds even more appreciation.
  6. It’s Mobile.
    Promote timely recognition with a mobile app.
  7. It’s Portable.
    Recognize remote individuals or those out in the field with printed cards and certificates.
  8. It’s Tangible.
    Cultivate and honor your role models and leaders with awards that are meaningful and earned.
  9. It’s Valuable.
    Reward and engage with a point value system and product, goods and services.

Many companies do not have a way to tell who their best performers are. Build your own recognition program from thousands of award items in a virtual catalog. We can track, collect and deliver that data to you through Carousel. Social networking is becoming one of the few means to keep people engaged- be sure your company is keeping up with these changes in company culture.

Have additional questions about how Carousel works, pricing, our personal employee engagement stats, program customization? Ask us  or let us know in the comments below!

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