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A Recipe For Recognition


How to Compose a Meaningful Note of Recognition

If you’re not sure how to write a note of recognition, we’re here to help. This post is inspired by a recent client training on how to effectively recognize employees using our social recognition platform, Carousel (it’s as fun as it sounds).

Step 3It’s important to focus on the visualization of the social recognition with icons, art and more importantly the note that accompanies the points or badge associated with the recognition. In Step 3 of the recognition wizard in Carousel (pictured), users have the opportunity to provide a detailed description of what the recipient did to receive the recognition. This can be tough if you’re new to the company, recognition program or find it tough to show appreciation through words. Here’s a simple but effective recipe you can use when writing a note of appreciation.


Recipient’s name +

Description of the task completed or behavior exhibited +

The impact this had on the workplace

= Awesome note of recognition

Let’s break down this recipe. By using a name in the note of recognition, right away you’re adding personalization. It doesn’t have to be at the beginning of a note per se, but adding the name will help the recipient to feel special.

Next, write a sentence or two describing the project this person was involved with or the behavior they exhibited. Often times behaviors will fall under a company’s Core Values so go ahead and include that Core Value as well. This helps tie the recognition moment back to a Core Value and keep those values top of mind. If the recipient exhibited innovation, integrity, or creativity while working on that project include that as well. Be specific and detailed throughout your note! 

Lastly, but certainly not least, include one or more sentences about the impact the recipient and their behavior made on the workplace. This lets the employee know they’re making a difference at your organization!

Recognition is an important moment between an individual and your organization. Take some time to follow this recipe for writing an effective, meaningful note of recognition.

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