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7 Ways to Create a Recognition Ready Workplace


By Dani Alden

Here at MTM we love to celebrate the little things. We strive to always have recognition on the forefront of our minds. Whether it’s a simple greeting in the morning, or a 20 year anniversary party, we hate for a job well done to go unnoticed.

In this infographic, we have outlined 7 ways to create a recognition ready workplace. With recognition in your workplace, you not only build the employer-employee relationship, but the employee-employee relationship as well. Take advantage of the moments you have to be engaged in the workplace starting with these 7 simple tactics.

7 Steps

For more information on our online social recognition program click on the above infographic!

Carousel is the ultimate multi-generational social recognition system in which points can immediately be rewarded via peer-to-peer, manager-to-employee, data loads, customized and printed point cards, and e-cards!

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