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How do You Like to Be Recognized? [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are basically a gajillion different ways to recognize your employees. That’s a lot. The dream is that every single employee will feel valued when we choose from this plethora of recognition options. However, that unfortunately isn’t always the case. Each employee has his or her own idea of what being #recognized means to them. As the recognition experts, we here at MTM want to help you meet the needs of both yourself and your employees.

See the nifty infographic below? We tried to outline some of the best methods for achieving higher employee engagement and satisfaction. You can use heartfelt notes, cash, crazy compliments, glorious gifts, and more! MTM practices what it preaches too- since implementing our own online social recognition program in 2013, our employee engagement results have skyrocketed far above the national average. 83% of our employees are proud to say they “like” or “love” their job, which is pretty remarkable considering that the 2014 Gallup poll states that only 31.5% of Americans are said to be truly engaged at work.

Anyway, go ahead and take a peek at the fancy graphic below. Hopefully these 9 recognition solutions can serve as a spark for your own creative and innovative employee engagement brainstorming session.  Everything starts with recognition!


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