Retirement Gifts, Plaques and Awards

Retirement Gifts, Plaques and Awards

Retirement might be the most significant milestone in any person’s working life, and so it deserves special attention — special recognition, to be exact. Retirement gifts, retirement plaques, and retirement awards recognize the lifetime of effort,the years of dedication, and the long-term commitment that leads up to an employee’s last day of work.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure the retirement gifts you give your employees are truly memorable, something they’ll treasure for years to come, a token that brings good memories of their decades of effort on the job.

There are multitudes of retirement gifts, plaques, and awards available — but a retirement gift is something you only get one chance to give. Which makes it that much more important that you get it right the first time by choosing a high-quality custom retirement gift like the ones MTM custom-builds.

Make retirement gifts personal

Retirement gifts absolutely must be personal: something to remember a well-executed working life by, and something anyone would be proud to display in his or her home. Retirement plaques often take pride of place in an office and retirement awards grace mantels across the country.

A retirement plaque or award should be closely related to the retiree’s previous business life, and should remind him or her of the very best parts of work: successful deals, meaningful projects, shared moments with coworkers, and every other moment that comes together to form a successful career. A truly effective retirement gift brings back memories like this in a heartbeat — and in doing so, completely fulfills its purpose. That’s employee recognition in its purest form.

Popular Retirement Gifts

  • Retirement Plaques: Retirement plaques range from a custom wall recognition award to a symbolic custom-framed collage in an elegant frame, commemorating valuable years of service in pictures. Plaques go way beyond a piece of wood with a piece of brass on it: They offer the ultimate in memorable and meaningful recognition for this career milestone.
  • Commemorative Gifts: Think custom jewelry pieces, designer clocks, crystal, and beyond. Commemorative retirement gifts can evoke the same memories and sense of accomplishment as a plaque might, while not overtly appearing to be work-related.
  • Watches: “When a man retires and time is no longer a matter of urgent importance, his colleagues generally present him with a watch.” — R.C. Sherriff      It’s funny because it’s true, but of course a quality watch with your company’s crest or logo inlaid on the dial does exactly what you want a retirement gift to do.
  • Branded Retirement Gifts: There’s a case to be made for sending your retirees off with something they’ll definitely use: You can customize name brand items like electronics, fishing gear, gourmet cooking tools, or cameras with your corporate logo for a functional memento.
  • Retirement Awards: Consider a retirement awards ceremony where you present your retiree with their retirement gift. This will give everybody an opportunity to show their appreciation for years of service – you included – and to appreciate your well-chosen retirement gift.
  • Retirement Rings: Many companies offer company rings that commemorate years of service by adding diamonds or other stones at each major milestone. Crowning a career with something like this is an excellent send-off for any retiree, and might even create an heirloom that gets passed down from generation to generation.
  • Catalog Choice Gifts: You might also consider letting retirees choose their own retirement gifts from a variety of catalog items using MTM’s Pointfolio or i3 Program options. These programs are simple to administer, and let the program administrator determine the retiree’s choice of award.
MTM has decades of experience custom-crafting the finest retirement gifts, retirement plaques, and retirement awards available. Call  MTM to see how easy it can be to celebrate an employee’s retirement: 1-877-686-7464 or contact us.