Service Awards

Service Awards

You invest a great deal in your people. In today’s workplace, it is more important than ever before to promote loyalty and retain good people. The fact is, most employees are not committed – they are not engaged. So, what causes workers to be engaged in their work? Independent studies by research firms nationwide indicate that the following factors have the greatest influence on an employee’s commitment to a company:

• Company’s care and concern for employees
• Fairness at work
• Feelings of Accomplishment
• Direct relationship with their supervisor

Frequent Employee Recognition and Appreciation

Employee recognition programs build loyalty through meaningful, memorable recognition. Our service award programs recognize and honor individuals from their first year of employment to retirement – demonstrating to the entire workforce that there is value in commitment and in each employee.
The cost of losing good people is high. Employee recognition for valued years of service should not be an afterthought but a integral part of your company’s strategic plan for future growth. A well thought out symbolic recognition program pays for itself in employee loyalty and retention and ultimately impacts your bottom line.

There are multiple ways to recognize your people for years of service. Call 1-877-686-7464 or contact us and we’ll show you how!