Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is one of the most effective and affordable ways to reduce turnover, curb absenteeism, increase productivity, and keep employees engaged with their work. Gallup research shows that engaged employees are more productive, profitable, and safe than less engaged employees. They also create stronger customer relationships, and stay longer with their company.

MTM: An Industry Leader in Employee Recognition

Whether you’re new to the idea of employee recognition or you want to improve your existing employee recognition program, MTM Recognition is an industry leader and a valuable resource for planning employee recognition. Over more than 40 years, MTM has created custom awards programs for companies of all sizes and built trophies, plaques, and rewards kits for countless satisfied customers.

How to Recognize and Award Employees

In its decades creating employee recognition programs and employee recognition awards, MTM Recognition has become an authority on the topic. We’ve got a trove of information on all aspects of employee recognition, employee appreciation, retirement gifts, and much more:

  • Safety-Mini-Kit_jboOnboarding Best Practices for New Employees: The first way to show an employees you appreciate them — and one of the most important— is by using these onboarding best practices to make sure they’ve got the information and tools they need to do their jobs from day one.
  • Employee Recognition Ideas: So what are the best ways to recognize employee accomplishments? MTM has been in the employee recognition business for a long time — and in our humble opinion, we’ve got the most effective employee recognition ideas anywhere.
  • Employee Recognition Awards: Employee recognition awards from MTM make recognition meaningful and memorable. It goes beyond plaques and trophies — we work with you to determine the best way to recognize your employees’ accomplishments.
  • Employee Recognition Programs: Recognizing employees one by one is a good start, but to create a lasting positive impact, it’s vital to create an employee recognition program to let your employees know their achievements mean something. Your corporate recognition awards and gift program should be unique to your company, and should speak to your company’s identity — and those of your workers.
  • National Employee Appreciation Day Ideas: Employee Appreciation Day is a perfect time to kick off a long-term employee recognition program. Celebrated the first Friday in March, Employee Appreciation Day is a perfect opportunity to reward your employees — for meeting sales goals, keeping their workplace accident-free, or for being dedicated and hard-working. MTM has plenty of ideas for National Employee Appreciation Day — let us help you get started!
  • Employee Appreciation Ideas and Gifts: When you’re figuring out the best ideas for employee appreciation and gifts, consider this: Cash doesn’t last. Gift cards may be around for a week or two, but a meaningful, tangible employee appreciation gift — presented by an important figure in your company — makes a lasting impression on any employee.
  • SherwinWilliamsRetirement Gifts, Plaques, and Awards: Hint: Retirement gifts don’t necessarily have to be watches (but they can be). Retirement gifts should be whatever’s most appropriate for the company and the employee — one employee might appreciate a retirement plaque, while another might be more interested in other types of retirement gifts. Custom retirement awards — custom awards of any type, really — are a key part of what we do at MTM. Our team works with you to figure out what sort of retirement gifts work best for your employees.

Start Your Employee Recognition Program

As you can see, employee recognition programs aren’t always simple, and they certainly require some time and attention. As it happens, MTM Recognition has spent plenty of time, and paid plenty of attention to, creating employee appreciation programs and awards that work — and each program is custom-built to meet the needs of each of our clients.

Let us help you build an employee recognition program that works — call to get started: 1-877-MTM-RING or contact us.